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Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a striking, dynamic and spectacular sport for both men and women. The sport consists of 2 floor routines, Balance – which concentrates on the strength and stamina of the gymnasts and Dynamic – which develops the gymnasts trust, aerial awareness and is a fast paced action packed routine. Acrobats in groups of two, three and four, perform routines with the heads, hands and feet of their partners.

Acrobatic Gymnastics has five disciplines;

Men’s Pairs –2 males (1 base and 1 top)

Women’s Pairs – 2 females (1 base and 1 top)

Mixed Pairs – 1 male (base) 1 female (top)

Women’s Trios– 3 females (1 base, 1 middle and 1top)

Men’s Fours – 4 males (1 base, 2 middle and 1 top)

There are some local events, but most competitions are held in Brisbane during 2nd and 3rd terms. There is also the opportunity to qualify for State and National Competitions.

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