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Women’s Gymnastics

Women’s Gymnastics

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach your daughter co-ordination and confidence.  At Mackay Gymnastics we develop your child through confident body management and friendships that last a lifetime.

Our Women’s program is for female gymnasts ready for competition. This year we will be running a program which will consist of Levels 1 – 8.  Level 3 up will attend competitions in and outside of the Mackay Region.  Level 2 have the opportunity to attend 1 away competition, all the rest will be held in house. Women’s Gymnastics highlights power, grace, control and courage with skills on, around and over apparatus


  • Vault is a dynamic and powerful component where the athlete runs up to the vaulting table and springs from her hands to land gracefully on her feet
  • Bars is a series of swings and releases showing the gymnasts strength and confidence
  • Beam is a graceful balancing act performed on a 10cm wide beam with leaps and tumbles to complete a challenging routine
  • Floor is where the athlete can shine, they dance, leap pirouette and tumble their way through a routine to music.
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